We believe in Sustainability. ​
We believe in Doing Well by Doing Good

Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability is the term used to identify various strategies that make it possible to use available resources to their best advantage. The idea is to promote the use of those resources in a way that is both efficient and responsible. ​
HILDEBRAND products are handmade with premium quality and are made to last for a long time. ​
HILDEBRAND products are not seasonal, instead made to be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone.
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Ecologic Sustainability

Ecological sustainability is usually described as setting the framework or underlying the other two sustainability components; social and economic sustainability. The area is about the earth's ecosystem and to maintain its desired functions in the long term. ​
HILDEBRAND canvas products are made of organic cotton. ​
HILDEBRAND polyester and nylon products are made of recycled material. ​
HILDEBRAND leather products are made of vegetable tanned genuine leather. ​ In the future our aim is to also offer true vegan leather products made from fruit and vegetable skin.

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability affects people's living conditions in society, such as health, security, education, justice and the exercise of power, as well as the opportunities to improve them. In addition to the individual perspective, it is about how these living conditions are distributed between people. ​
HILDEBRAND believe in Doing Well by Doing Good. ​
The factories that we are using for the production of our bags are all SA8000 certified. SA8000 provide a social standard framework for organizations of all types, to conduct business in a way that is fair and decent for workers. The tanneries we are using are members of Leather Working Group, and are silver- or gold rated.
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HILDEBRAND SWEDEN was established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2018. We focus on high quality, sustainability and work ethics.


Contact: Nina Hildebrand